Special Education Programme

Special Education Programme


A word from the Rector

Dear Teachers, Parents and Students,

The entire world is stuck at a dead end with the outbreak of the pandemic disease covid 19, crippling every nook and corner of the world. It is indeed a testing and a trying time not only in our faith but in every discipline. In my personal view point, I feel we should not be meek and cowardly but take up this challenge as true children of God. We need to help each other and do the best for each other to win this battle. The technology we have now really does play up. I kindly invite all of you to be productive and save your life, your nation and the world as well by simply being mindful and do the best you can.

"Man can be destroyed but not defeated!" -(Ernest Hemingway)

God Bless You
Rev. Fr. Sudath Gunatileke

Guidline for students/Parents

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