General Rules of Loyola college

For Students & Parents

  • 01. School commences at 7.25 a.m and all students should present on time and remain in school till the end of the session.

  • 02. Leave of absence from school should be notified in the record book by the parents or guardians accompanied by a medical certificate if it is more than 5 school days.

  • 03. Prior permission should be obtained from Rev. Fr. Rector for travelling abroad and for any public performances.

  • 04. The school dress code should be strictly adhered.

  • Grade 1 – 10 : White Shirts and Navy Blue Shorts
  • Grade 11 – 13 : White Shirts and White Slacks
  • Grade 1 – 13 : White socks / Black shoes / Monogram
  • Mondays and Special occasions : White long sleeves shirt White Shorts / White slacks
Grade 1 – 13 White school uniform / 4 box pleats / 2 in front and 2 behind & black shoes / white socks / ties and pockets (With School initials on left side)
  • 01 : Students are very strictly prohibited to bring any video games, discs, cassettes video movies, mobile phones and bad literature to school.
  • 02 : Every student should possess a student record book and bring it daily to school for identification. The loss of this book should be notified to the respective sectional head.
  • 03 : Students should be at their best behavior inside and outside the school to maintain the dignity of the College. Smoking, consuming alcohol or any other addictions are strictly prohibited for students.
Few Words for Parents/Guardians
  • 01 : Please read the above rules carefully ensure that your son / daughter follow them.

  • 02 : Respective Sectional Head should be notified in case of contacting a student during school hours.

  • 03 : Teachers will avail themselves at P.T.A. meeting and on every 1st Thursday from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m.

  • 04 : Parents are kindly requested to corne in decent dress when they enter the college premises.